Valve Modification in Houston, TX

At Reliant Valve we’ve maintained a reputation for superior service in valve testing, steam jacketed valves, and valve modification. For over 35 years, our technical support has earned the trust of our customers, who range from end users to valve companies and engineering firms. 

The demand for valve modification has grown and developed over the past 45 years. This is a result of increased demand for different valve trim combinations and design configurations. Although valve manufacturers can supply many of these specialty products, not even the most well-stocked valve company or end-user has every possible valve configuration needed for plant operations. Valve manufacturers can provide these items, but with extended lead times, customers need quicker deliveries.

The valve modification industry was created out of this need. Instead of waiting for months for specialty valves, they can be modified and delivered within weeks or days. Reliant Valve Company is dedicated to serving customers in Houston, TX, as well as the greater Gulf Coast region with speedy valve modification services. Learn more about the services and capabilities we offer.

Modification List 

At Reliant Valve Company, we offer various valve modifications to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Here’s a list of the valve modification services we provide: 

  • Bypass fabrication 
  • Bolted bonnet to welded bonnet
  • Bolting changes 
  • BWE valve conversion 
  • Cavity filler seats
  • Cryogenic modification
  • Dye Penetration Inspection
  • Elastomer insert disc and gates
  • Elastomer seat kits BV
  • Fabricated steam jackets 
  • Flange UPs
  • Flange facing 
  • Forged valve modification 
  • Hand wheel extension
  • Hand wheel locking devices 
  • Helium leak testing 
  • Live load packing
  • Magnetic particle inspection 
  • NACE MR0175 conversion
  • Nitrogen leak testing 
  • Outside lever and weight check valves 
  • Packing and gasket changes 
  • Radiography inspection 
  • RTJ modification
  • Testing (API 598 – API 6D)
  • Trim changes according to API 600 standards 
  • Trim changes for control valves 
  • Valve rebuilding 

Experienced Valve Modification Experts 

Many of our customers have been with us for as long as we have been in business. Our experience with customers from various demanding industries allows us to deliver products and services right the first time. Our services are vital to companies in critical industries that use Fluid Catalytic Cracking to refine petroleum into products like gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. Gas manufacturing companies rely on our cryogenic modified valves for the process of liquefaction of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, and argon. Petrochemical and refining companies require valves with trim changes and special packing and gaskets to maintain operational safety and longevity. We understand that these companies sometimes deal with dangerous and highly toxic substances, so our modified valves meet the highest standards for safety and performance. 

Work With Reliant Valve 

With every new project, the team at Reliant Valve takes the time to understand the customer’s specific needs, asking about sizes, types of materials, configurations, service requirements, and other information to determine the ideal valve for their application. Today, we proudly serve the sulfur processing, gas liquefaction, petrochemical, and refining industries with the critical valve modification services they need to maintain daily operations. 

No matter the nature of your business, we can deliver custom valves that suit your needs. For more information, please contact us today.