Given all the different valve trim combinations and design configurations available, it’s impossible for plants to stock every standard valve necessary for operations or for valve manufacturers to provide specialized valves quickly enough. In answer to this challenge, Reliant Valve Company’s list of services has over 30 standard modifications listed with many more available that are done when required. With over 30 years of experience in the valve modification industry, Reliant Valve has extensive knowledge of the necessary valve requirements for a broad spectrum of industries. 

We’ve seen it all, but requirements are always changing. Reliant Valve has the flexibility to keep up with evolving standards so that we can continue to stand behind the work we do and focus on efficiency and long-lasting, reliable performance. Read on to learn about the various types of valves that we work on, and how they support operations with a superior level of service in the industries we serve.

Sulfur Processing Valves (Jacketed Valves)

To keep molten sulfur flowing properly and prevent unscheduled downtime in sulfur recovery operations, Reliant Valve incorporates proper design features to help prevent sulfur crystallization from occurring. In the “Double Pipe Thermal Exchange System,” we design the jacket around the valve to create sufficient spacing so the steam can flow freely in those gaps between those two core components. Doing so provides the necessary heat migration and a smooth, continuous, circular flow of steam throughout the system. Our jacket design meets or exceeds all sulfur industry requirements to ensure a safe and efficient operation for the life of the valve. 

Petrochemical Industry Valves

Crude oil distillation is the process behind the making of petrochemicals. The crude oil separates into hydrocarbon fractions, and additional high-temperature cracking and conversion processes can create corrosive chemicals that petrochemical valves must withstand. For enhanced valve longevity in these services, we can assist with trim changes to extend the life of a valve. Our team can also address packing and gasket modifications to provide a material better suited to these extreme conditions.

Chemical Refining Valves

The main purpose of chemical refining is to manufacture products such as gasoline, kerosene, or diesel fuel, with gasoline production being the most profitable part of today’s refineries. A catalyst activates chemical refining processes, which begin in a low-oxygen, high-pressure atmosphere with a temperature ranging between 930° F and 1300° F. In this industry, valves are components of refining processes such as:

  • Thermal cracking
  • Catalytic cracking
  • Hydrocracking

Food Processing Valves

Food and beverage operations require valves suitable for controlled environments in which cleanliness, sterilization, and safety standards are key. Certain types of food processing operations need steam-jacketed valves, piping, filters, and other components to keep a product flowing smoothly. Thermal maintenance from hot water or steam helps products like chocolate, cake frosting, and cookie dough move through a process system significantly smoother. Reliant Valve ensures that our team commercially sanitizes and cleans all jacketed parts prior to installation to eliminate contamination risks.

Power Generation Valves

There are several available methods today to convert kinetic energy to electric energy. Natural gas, coal & nuclear energy produce steam for power generation. Then turbine-driven electromechanical generators use power generation valves to control the steam flow. The thermal energy is transformed into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. For this industry, we typically do trim changes and end connection modifications. 

Gas Liquefaction (Cryogenic) Valves

During liquefaction, a gaseous substance transforms as its molecules draw closer together until the substance is in a liquid state. This occurs as a result of increased pressure and lowering temperatures. Gas liquifying makes it easy to transport and store these materials. A large market has developed for liquified natural gas (LNG) over the last 10 years, and our team modifies LNG valves, as well as cryogenic modified valves for other liquified gases such as:

  • Argon
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen

Contact Reliant Valve for Valve Modification Services

Reliant Valve is committed to quality assurance as a critical and strategic necessity, and we design our creative valve solutions so that customers in diverse industries will receive optimized valves we’ve designed with their specific applications in mind. We work closely with clients to determine the right type, size, material, and other modification needs so that we can provide the perfect valve fit.

With over 100 years of collective experience in valve modifications, we’re known for our honesty, integrity, and the quality of our work. Our team delivers superior service in a timely manner and at reasonable prices so that our customers can be competitive in their industries. To learn more about our valve modification capabilities, contact us today.