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Project: Marathon Flow Control (Cryogenic Valves)

November 2, 2022

In 2016, Marathon Flow Control (Apollo Distributor) contacted us after seeing some ball valves we had modified to cryogenic service for Superior Valve in Houston. At the time, Marathon was getting numerous inquiries for cryogenic Apollo Ball Valves. Apollo was reluctant to get into the cryogenic ball valve market thinking it would take years of R&D and a large monetary investment. Marathon decided the best way to approach the issue was to have us build 2 extended bonnet cryogenic ball valves. One valve would be the standard extension length and the second would be the cold box length. We went to Apollo’s headquarters in South Carolina and gave a presentation to their management team. Most of the time was spent with the engineers and manufacturing personnel. They wanted to understand the BS-6363 & MSS-134 specs and how it applied to the building of their own cryogenic valves. It was a good meeting and we exchanged many ideas, it was the turning point in their business decision to begin the process of building a line of valves for the cryogenic service.