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- Since 1987 -
Houston , Texas

Reliant Valve 

Your Solid Dependable Choice for Valve Modifications, SteamJacketing,            Cryogenic Conversions, and Valve Testing...

At Reliant Valve we understand the quality of service in demand. Our 30+ years of valve modification experience provides
us with the ability to understand your needs and meet that demand . We do this by delivering quality work in a timely
manner and at reasonable prices. Through the years we have maintained a core belief that working together as a team with
our customers, we could deliver superior service based on a common sense approach of loyalty, trust, and cooperation.
We believe that quality assurance is a critical and strategic necessity. It is rooted here in an environment where employees care about the quality of their work , the machines they used to create modifications, and the customers that we serve.

Cryogenic Bonney Globe Valve being tested.

ISO Mount - Cryogenic Ball Valve

30 +Years In Business

Product Liability Insurance

Certified ASME Welders    

Reliant Valve Company


 We understand that a company is only as strong as it`s customer

base. That's why our priority is to provide our customers with a superior level of service.  Reliant  Valve  is a  well  established
company that has been in Houston, Tx since 1987.  During that time we have helped  solve many of the problems our customers
have had to face on their most critical projects.   Whether rebuilding valves of exotic alloys that were just too expensive to
replace for an end-user, to the  numerous valve modifications we
have  provided  our  customers  through  the years, we have the
capability to make your valve conform to standards or provided

 At  Reliant Valve there is no such thing as a "routine job".  All jobs  require  a  keen  eye on  tolerances,   welding   procedures,
and rigorous quality control. We have over 75 years of combined
 experience in  the areas of  machining,  welding,  metal-to-metal
valve fitting, testing, and general valve troubleshooting.

 Contact us today for more information on the many services we
have to offer.  We will be happy to take a  look at your specific
needs and provide a solution.

Modifications Included But Not Limited To:
  •  Cryogenic Extensions    
  •  Fabricated Steam Jackets
  •  Trim Changes (API 600)
  •  Trim Changes (Control Valves)
  •  Helium Leak Testing