- SINCE  1987 -

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Since 1987 Reliant Valve has provided us with quality valve modifications.  Steam jacketing valves ,cryogenic gas columns, or repair, they have always been there for us. 
   Dave Jans ,  Oil City Valve ,  Houston ,Texas

For a simple trim change,to a cryogenic valve modification , Reliant Valve can do the job. From the moment we opened our doors we have trusted our valve modification work to Reliant Valve Co. 
   Phil Runge, PR Valve , South Houston ,Texas

When it comes to valve modifications,Reliant Valve is our first call. They have always provided us with quality work, in a timely manner,and at reasonable prices. We trust them to do it right the first time.
   Debbie Baugus , Davis Valve , South Houston ,Texas

For valve modification services and steam jacketing valves, Reliant Valve has been our "go to company" that we rely on.Their knowledge of procedures and materials is something we can always count on.
​   John Ferguson, International Valve Suppliers ,Houston ,Texas

Whether it`s a quick refacing of a valve, a trim change ,cryogenic valve modification,or something unusual,  Reliant Valve has been there for 30 years to help us with our valve modification needs.
   Bob Mertel ,  Superior Valve, Houston,Texas

At the heart of our coffee processing system are the perk sets. Regular ground coffee is transformed in these units into what will become instant coffee. Reliant Valve has kept the hundreds of valves in
these perk sets working properly for over 10  years.  
  Mike Musella - Plant Operations, Atlantic Coffee ,Houston, Texas

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