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 Jacketed Valve Dimensions (Fully Jacketed Design) 

Partially jacketed valves, and jacketed line-size valves retain their original length. Fully jacketed valves require that the valve body be lengthened and the existing flanges are replaced with oversize flanges. The standard is to use flanges one size over the original valve`s line size. Example:a 3x2x3 fully jacketed 150# plug valve would be a 2" plug with 3" 150# flanges and a face-to-face length of a standard 3" plug valve which is 8". This jacket design is used to accommodate the double-pipe heat exchanger steam tracing system. Temperature control is maintained by one of the process streams containing flowing steam and the other stream is the process fluid. Due to the large heat transfer area between the steam and the process fluid, the system is temperature predicable. All dimensions shown here represent standard ANSI face-to-face lengths for fully jacketed 150# valves.Variations on these lengths are possible for special applications or for non-standard length jacketed valves already already in service.